Our specialists in Pediatric Dentistry are prepared to offer unique care for your child, regardless of their particular needs. The years of additional training and experience required for the specialty licensure in the State of Michigan, has prepared them to offer the best possible care for your child. Among the most important advantages of treatment by a specialist, is their ability to successfully provide treatment for the child who is too afraid to allow care by their family practitioner

Advanced training in child psychology and behavior management coupled with routine experiences treating patients with phobias, significant fear of "going to the dentist" and just those children with normal worries about the experience. Our goal is to, not only accomplish the necessary recommended dental treatment, but also give this patient the confidence to gain control of their emotions, develop realistic expectations and begin to accept regular care without fear or concern. This is an important achievement for every young patient who may have avoided regular and necessary care because of their overriding fear of the dentist.

Pediatric specialists have advanced training and education in the field of growth and development. This allows them to make informed judgements about a young patient's developing dentition. This includes treatment options for interceptive orthodontics, the best timing for comprehensive orthodontic treatment including the use of functional appliance therapies to guide the growth of young patients. All of these critical decisions improve the final outcome of braces and the stability of that treatment.
Pediatric specialists are able to provide all the routine treatment needs of young children and adolescents from the first visit to the dentist at 1 year of age (recommended by the American Accademy of Pediatric Dentists and the American Academy of Pediatrics) to young adulthood. These services include, but are not limited to fillings, crowns, extractions, root canal therapy, preventative care and orthodontics. The scope of a Pediatric Dental practice is limited only by the age of the patients (under 21 years) (with the notable exception of patients with special needs who may be treated at any age). In short the Pediatric Dentists in our practice can provide the highest quality care acting as a general practitioner for an age defined population. Their training and experience make them the best choice for the special interest and special needs of every child regardless of that childs previous dental experiences, health or treatment needs.